What is Microphone Monitoring

A microphone is the most important component for recording and broadcasting audio content. But have you ever heard of microphone monitoring?

Microphone monitoring, also known as sidetone or near-real-time listening, is listening to your voice while recording or broadcasting. This feature allows you to hear yourself in real time through headphones, speakers, or a mix of both.

In this tutorial, we’ll learn What is Microphone monitoring and how to monitor your microphone while recording or broadcasting.

Microphone monitoring is a tool that allows you to listen to your voice while you’re recording or broadcasting. It’s a feature that can be found on many audio devices and applications.

This function is useful for checking the quality and clarity of your audio before it’s transmitted or recorded. It allows you to make adjustments to your microphone settings, leading to better sound quality.

When enabled, microphone monitoring plays back your voice in your headphones or speakers in near-real time. This immediate feedback helps to prevent issues such as speaking too quietly or loudly.

Also, remember that adjusting the volume level of your microphone monitoring doesn’t affect the volume of your actual recording. It only changes how loud you hear yourself in the feedback.

What's the benefit of Microphone Monitoring

Microphone monitoring is important before joining a call, recording, podcasting and more. It helps you to know the quality and clarity of your voice in real-time, allowing you to make necessary adjustments to your microphone settings.

Also, Microphone Monitoring has a lot of benefits, Here are a few of them:

  • Preventing audio issues: Microphone monitoring allows you to hear your voice as it’s being recorded or broadcasted, allowing you to make adjustments in real-time and avoid problems such as static, distortion, or background noise.
  • Improving speech delivery: By listening to your voice while recording or broadcasting, you can make sure that you are speaking at the right pace and volume, ensuring a clear and engaging delivery.
  • Enhancing recording quality: With microphone monitoring, you can hear yourself as your audience would, allowing you to make adjustments to improve the overall sound quality of your recording.

Live Monitoring From a Microphone

Live Monitoring From Microphone

If you buy a quality microphone, then it comes with by default live monitoring features. But, not all microphones have this feature built-in.

If you’ve live monitoring features on your microphone, then you may find an option to plug in a microphone 3.5mm jack to hear your voice.

You just need to plug your headphones into your microphone, and you’re done.

How to Monitoring Microphones on Windows 10 & 11

Microphone Monitoring from Windows devices is very easy for beginners and you can monitor your microphone from Windows 10 & 11 within a few clicks.

Right Click On the Speaker Icon

First step, you need Right click on your speaker icon from the bottom right corner and select “Setting” From your pop-up menu.


After clicking on the sound setting, you’ll come to the sound setting area. After coming to the sound setting area, you need to click on the recording from the top section. Then you’ll see all of your default microphones.

Then you need to Right-click on your default microphone and click on the Properties.

Microphone Properties

After coming to the microphone properties, you need to click on the Listen from the top of the popup. Then you’ll see Listen to this device checkmark and click on this.

Then you’ll able to hear the microphone from your headphones or speakers.

You can also adjust the volume level of your microphone monitoring from this setting by using the slider. Remember that this only affects how loud you hear yourself, and not the actual recording volume.

How to Monitoring Microphones on Mac

Enable live monitoring is very easy on Mac compared to other Windows devices.

New Audio Recording

Firstly, you need to click on the File from the top bar, and then click on New Audio Recording.

Audio Recording

Then audio recording poup will appear on your screen. And the bottom of the popup, you’ll see a speaker button.

So, if you click on the speaker button, then you’ll able to hear your microphone from your headphones or speakers. 

You can also adjust the volume level of your microphone monitoring by using the slider next to the speaker button.


Microphone monitoring is a valuable tool for anyone recording or broadcasting audio content.

It allows for real-time feedback and adjustments, resulting in better sound quality and delivery. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, using microphone monitoring can greatly improve your recording and broadcasting experience.

We hope, by reading this article, you’ll know all about What is Microphone Monitoring and how to enable it on Windows and Mac devices.

Remember, microphone monitoring is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating high-quality audio content. Be sure to also invest in a good quality microphone and learn proper recording techniques for the best results.

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