How to Unmute Microphone

Mute or Unmute microphone is an essential feature in various communication platforms.

Whether you are using voice or video calls, knowing how to unmute your microphone if it has been muted is important.

Today’s guide will show how to unmute microphone on iPhone, Android, or Windows 10 & 11 on different applications.

How to Unmute Microphone

Touch Or Click To UnMute Microphone

If you’ve run an application on your iPhone, Android or PC, then you’ll see this icon, You just need to click on the icon to unmute your microphone.

How to Mute Microphone

Touch Or Click To Mute Microphone

As you unmute your microphone, you can also mute it again when necessary.

To do this, simply click on the same icon or button that was used to unmute the microphone.

This will toggle the mute and unmute features of your microphone.

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