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WordPress is the most popular website builder in the world. But there’s one question that many users struggle with – what’s the difference between vs

When you search for WordPress in Google, then two results appear in the font you rank #1 and #2 from WordPress. And if you’re new in this industry then you might not know which one you use for your website.

In this article, we’ll discuss vs and also help you to pick the best one. vs

The main difference between and is actually who’s actually host our site.

With, you can host your site and we also recommend this.

And takes full care of your site (easier to start, less freedom). And that’s a major difference between these two websites.
Nowadays, lots of hosting companies like Bluehost or siteground are easy to start with, more freedom, cheaper.

The cost of using vs does allow you to start with for free, but there’s some limitation:

  • You can use the only subdomain as your website URL
  • You can’t remove ads from your site
  • You can get limited disk space of 3GB max 
  • You can’t monetize your website or blog site
  • You can’t able to install theme or plugins because that’s aren’t available here

If you want to use your site for a commercial purpose then you’ll have to pay a minimum of $8/month on your website plan + the custom domain price of $15/year. In total, you have to pay at least $111 annually to run a site on the platform.

With, you can launch a fully functional website at $35 for the first year then about $50/year after that.

Start with, firstly you need to pick the best lightweight web host. we fully recommend using Bluehost, because Bluehost is very lightweight with the very cheapest price. And also you can get a free .com or even any domain name with any hosting package. Here’s what is Bluehost offers:

  • You can be started with a low budget of $2.95/month
  • You’ll get a free domain with the first year
  • WordPress will be installed automatically on your site.

From a visitor’s and user’s point of view, Bluehost works similarly to official site. Just sign up, pick a hosting plan and lastly choose a theme for you. And lastly, customize your theme. vs Pros and cons

Each official site has its pros and condition. I personally the has more cons and pros. But the decision is yours.

When to use

With, you don’t have to worry about purchasing hosting or maintaining your website. It also with free and paid plan as well.

With the free plan, you get 3GB of limited storage and a subdomain ( Google ads also include the site and another thing you can’t able to apply for google ads with this site.

Further, you can’t able to install your own themes and plugin. Install theme and plugin get more opportunity to customize your site easily, so that’s a pretty big problem.

When to use

On the other hand, if you want to use then firstly set up your site with a hosting plan, it’s really very simple and just one-click installs.

In fact, if you buy a domain from a hosting provider then you don’t have to worry about changing the DNSs. It’ll be done for you.
They’re also much better customization options here. You’re able to install any theme and plugins.
You can also able to monetize your website however you want.

So, or which is better?

  • if you want to be independent with your website, that means you build everything which you want. Most importantly, you’re free to install any theme and you can control full website functionality. If you to be the site completely your then this is the best choice.
  • is better for you, if you don’t want to get your hand dirty with the hosting process, buying third-party tools, and custom functionality. Then you just sign up and go.

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