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What’s New in WordPress 5.9 Update (Features and Screenshots)

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WordPress 5.9 update was finally realized today, and it is the first major big update of 2022.

This new update comes with some significant contains, which include some new ways to build your website. 

In this article, I’ll show you what’s new in WordPress 5.99 and which feature you should be tried after updating your website. 

WordPress 5.9 is a major update of 2022, and if you aren’t using a managed WordPress hosting service then you’ll have updated your website manually. 

Note: Don’t forget to create a complete backup before switching to the 5.9 version.

That being said that, here is the new WordPress 5.9

WordPress 5.9 Updated Review

WordPress 5.9 update comes with WordPress Block theme, which is a new way to build your website and customize wordpress. 

The new “site Editor’ allows you to customize the WordPress theme is the most popular block editor. This way users can create a website with their unique style without writing a single line of code.

wordpress 5.9 review

If you’re using the new block to enable the theme, then you’ll see Appearance » Editor. After updating the theme, you’ll not be able to see the Theme customizer option and the menu option under the familiar appearance menu.

Also, you can’t see to preview a block-enable theme from the appearance theme page.

Full site editing in WordPress 5.9 still depends on your WordPress theme. You can use it to customize some part of your theme from the existing theme, but you can’t able to create any design from scratch. 

You can also use the SeedProd to create a Custom wordpress theme without writing any single line of code. It is theme agnostic, you to full freedom to customization of your theme.

Full Site Editing With New Blocks

For helping the users to create complete site-wide layouts, a brunch of new blocks has been added in WordPress 5.9 update.

You can find a new block under the “Theme” category in the add new block panel.

wordpress 5.9 features

Here are some new block items after in WordPress 5.9 Updates:

  • Navigation
  • Template Part
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Post-Author
  • Next Post
  • Previous Post
  • Post Comments
  • Term Description
  • Archive Title

You can use the theme of the block to create custom layouts with the Theme editor. However, You can also use the block inside your WordPress Page Or page that you wanna need. 

WordPress 5.9 Update Wide Styles

Before the update, you had to write custom code when you want to change something in WordPress Theme.

Now a lot of changes like this you can make the site-wide styles. Simply click on the style icon on the right top corner of the screen when you do any editing on any theme.

WordPress Editor

From here you can now change a number of styling colors options, padding, margins, typography, and more.

You can also edit the style of the individual block and use the same style in your templates.

WordPress editor

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New Navigation Menus

If you’re using the block-enabled theme, then you won’t have the access to the old man page. After updating your theme you can add navigation menus by using the new navigation block option.

WordPress navigation

The new navigation blocks menu makes it easy to add any items and edit themes with a live preview option.

You can also change the color of any kind of link and adjust the dimension size or the menu size.

wordpress 5.9 Updates

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New blocks Embed ForTwenty Twenty-Two

WordPress 5.9 update comes with Twenty Twenty Two feature, and it’s updated to the new block enabled default theme.

For increasing the site experience there’re added some design. Twenty Twenty-two offers a clean minimalist canvas so you can experience the new site editing features.

twenty twenty two

The theme also comes with a premade patterns shape that you can use when you edit the site or the post editor when you write the content.

Block Editor Changes in WordPress 5.9

Most WordPress users spend a lot of their time inside the block editor for creating a new page or post or writing any kind of content.

For this reason, the wordpress release comes with new features that improve the post editor for your better experience.

WordPress 5.9 some major improvements:

Improved Typography Controls

WordPress new updates come with some typography controls for separate text blocks, From now you can change font size, letter case, line height, letter spacing, and colors.

Block Editor

The heading block allows you to select a heading level from your vertical dropdown menu.

It also offers to change the design, typography, design, margin, and the spacing option for your heading.

Block Editor

Rich URL Previews in Block Editor

In the previous time when you hover your mouse over any link then you can see the URL.

WordPress 5.9 updates display the rich URL preview for links inside your page or post editor.

Improved Gallery Block

Previously, it was quite a bit difficult to add a link and style to an individual image inside a gallery block.

WordPress 5.9 now shipped with the revamped gallery block which allows you to choose different styles for individual images in the gallery block. You can easily link any images from your whole gallery block.

WordPress 5.9 update

Better Social Icons and Buttons

With the previous version of wordpress, it was a little bit difficult to access the child block or the parent them when you working on the social media icon. 

WordPress 5.9 update makes it easier to allow to control the child blocks to use the parent block toolbar.

WordPress 5.9 release

Effortlessly Navigate and Move Blocks

After the update, now you can easily move blocks or sections with the drag and drop option.

WordPress 5.9 editor

This helps you to easily jump to different parts of the content and move the block and adjust the layout easily.

Choose Language During Login

If you have multiple languages on your wordpress website, then the user can choose their language on the login screen.

WordPress 5.9 login

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