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What’s New in Hestia 2.0? Hestia 2.0 Full Update details

A year and a half ago, we welcomed Hestia to the Ideatechy family after few months of hard work. Since now, it has become a flagship project and we don’t leave Hestia for a single minute. Themeisle always kept updating and improving Hestia regularly. AMD after all that hard work in Hestia 2.0, a complete remaster of our new material design Premium WordPress theme.

If you’re a Hestia user, then it’s great news for you. And if you don’t know what is Hestia, well, you’re about to discover the best WordPress theme that kind of great at every side. Now you can use Hestia for any type of website.

As a part of the release this theme, which we internally refer to as Hestia 2.0. Themeisle improved both free and premium versions of the Hestia theme. You will be happy to know that, theme isle didn’t remove any features from update Hestia. And Just added a bunch of awesome new features.

What’s new in Hestia 2.0?

Actually a lot of things, but we’ll only introduce some really cool features. You’ll found all the following improvements in both the free and premium versions:

Comfortable with the most uses page builder Elementor and Gutenberg. Anyone can customize the Hestia theme via his front-end by using blocks and drag and drop elements. Team Hestia comes with some special plugins to have access to more free templates that can be customized with the best page builder.

New homepage sections from Hestia. Now you can get an even more creative and more professional home with an extra ribbon with a call to action, as well as a client bar to let everyone know, You’ve worked with which companies.

Flexible Big title for layout: You can change the position of the big title and you can also able to display widgets next to it. Moreover, you can make a section friendlier with a parallax effect. Some can change all font sizes for both the homepage and internal sections. This feature isn’t available before.

While Themeisle and WPforms Recommended pairing Hestia for the contact form section, now they’re leaving this totally up to you. But now you just a pest in the shortcode for your favorite contact form and it automatically works.

You’ll get a new blog post option, and you can able to add featured posts by categories.

New styling button: From now you can get more control over the padding, border-radius, and box shadow.

What’s new in Hestia Pro 2.0?

Hestia Pro uses to get all the stuff from the top and also bonus goodies.

Refined looking over and liveliness. Hestia had exquisite movements previously, however now we patched up it – which makes it more intuitive and engaging. It simply gives you decent energy, that is all I’m saying.

On the off chance that you want to improve your online shop from a promoting stance, you’ll be glad to realize that you can add ANY WooCommerce shortcode to your pages/segments now.

Recall when I said that the Big Title area is more adaptable at this point? In the ace variant, you can likewise change the fixed picture in the header with a video. Moreover, you can utilize various headers across your site (that is, you don’t need to utilize a similar header plan on every one of the pages, you can switch them around on a case-by-case basis).

You can likewise alter the Features segment by supplanting the symbols with pictures on the off chance that you feel that they address you and your organization better.

Hestia Pro is interpretation prepared and should work with any WordPress interpretation module, including WPML, Weglot, and Polylang.
You can likewise reuse shortcodes from the landing page. For instance, you can rehash a segment from your landing page on your about page just by adding its shortcode.

Significantly more pre-fabricated demos! You get four extra plans: legal counselors, travel, coffeehouses, and exercise center salons. This acquires us to seven demos absolute (along with the three free ones).

Where to get Hestia 2.0?

If you want to play with the new theme then you can try to free download it. If you want to access all the pro versions of the theme then you can download the pro version. There are three pricing plans for the theme, such as Essential – $89, Business – $129, and VIP – $199.

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