What is Messenger Bump Feature

What is Messenger Bump Feature & How to Use it? 

A few days ago meta release another new feature called Messenger Bump Feature. There is no doubt that messenger is the world’s best chatting app, and messenger has a billions number of users for a long time. For this reason, meta always tries to make some new feature for their audience. For this reason, we’ve got the messenger new feature called “Messenger Bump”. Messenger Bump feature is the latest feature from the metaverse. If you need to use Messenger New Bump Features then you must need to update your messenger app from the play store or the app store.

Sorry for the iOS users, currently Messenger Bump Feature is available for only android users. If you’re an iOS user then you need to wait for this feature’s global release. And if you’re an android user and you didn’t get the feature then don’t panic you need to update your messenger app for Messenger Bump Features.

What Is Messenger Bump Feature in Meta

New Messenger Bump features allow you to resend any kind of message, and quickly mention without replying or copy-paste it. Suppose that if you sent a message to a user before few days or few weeks, or even a few years ago then you can resent this message, photos, and images with Messenger Bump features. It’s amazing features that help you to reduce your valuable time.

Play Video about What is Messenger Bump Feature

You Can easily use the messenger’s new bump features without sending lots of time. Here is the tutorial that helps you to bump any kind of message.

How To Use Messenger Bump Features

If you want to test Messenger New Bump Features then, firstly you needed to log in on your messenger app and then go messenger chat option. Then tap the message which you want to Bump, When you tap on the message then you pop up a message and you’ll be found the Bump option there.

How To Use Messenger Bump Feature
How To Use Messenger Bump Feature

When you click on the Bump option then the message will be resent again. Hope you understand.

Fix Bump Option isn’t showing in Messenger

If you do not see The Bump option on your messenger then I’m sure that you’re using the old version of messenger. So I suggest you open the play store app and then update your messenger application. 

After updating the messenger app, still if you don’t find the option then you need to clear the data of messenger and restart your phone to find Messenger Bump Option. Related: (GameStop starts To Sell An NFT Of A 9/11 Photograph)

Are These Features Available for all?

Currently, this feature is available for almost all android users. If you don’t find the option then you need to wait a few days or weeks to get the Messenger Bump Features.

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