Warframe’s next update “Veilbreaker” revealed

Warframe’s next update “Veilbreaker” revealed

Do you know guys Next Warframe updates already has been announced! Then the veil gonna be broken, and we’ll know our first glimpse of what’s to come in the new update on Warframe. As per the official statements of TennoCon, Digital Extremes released “Veilbreaker”.

The next update will Welcome the arrival of the legendary Kahl – 175 as a new protagonist, and it gonna be return is assigned by the need to liberate his Grinner brother, and he held captive by the Narmer. The release date of the new update will be scarce, and we need to wait a bit longer until receiving more quality details.

A Deimos holds in nearby Sentient Murex a frightening discovery: Although the New war is already over, Narmer’s enslavement of the original system is still running. Lots of Grinnger and others remain Imprisoned and helpless under the crushing influence of the Narmer Veil.

Enter the Kahl-175. Having survived his brush with Sentients, and they’re free from their shackles, he emerges as Origin Systems’ newest savior. You need to rescue your brother from the Narmers’ Oppressive clutches so Wield your explosive Ginner armaments as you race against time. Fight with Archons alongside your Squadmates, takes all the new Missions, and bend the time with Protea caladiums collection.

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