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Top 15 Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers in 2022

Best WordPress Plugin For Marketers: We have hand-picked some of the best WordPress plugins for marketers in this article.

Are you a marketer, and you’re trying to the most out of WordPress?

Some WordPress plugins can help you achieve your goals, like attracting more website traffic and increasing your sales. You can also use this plugin to automate marketing workflows and optimize your website for search engines.

Why Should Use The Best WordPress Plugins As A Marketers?

WordPress is the most popular website builder, and around 43% of the total websites are designed with this. 

A big reason behind this is that marketers have access to around 59000+ plugins that help make any design.

As a marketer, you can improve your workflow and grow your business with these plugins.

For instance, some plugins help you optimize your website for Search engines. Using them, you can improve your keyword rankings and attract more visitors from google ar bing search engines.

If you use the right plugin, it helps you improve your website conversion. You can also create different campaigns to get people to buy from products and submit their emails.

WordPress has lots of plugins that can help you to automate different tasks. These plugins help you to save time and improve your business. If you have a blog website and share your content on different social media, you can do this with this plugin without spending a single second.

So let’s go to our part, Some Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers.

1. OptinMonster

optinmonster Best WordPress Plugin

OptinMonster is the best plugin for WordPress popup builder, and it’s the #1 lead generation tool in the market. It helps you grow your email list, get more conversions, and boost your website subscriptions.

You can add an eye-catching signup form without hiring any developers. OptinMonster allows you to add a signup form in your website sidebar, after your content, slide-in form, display a floating bar, lightbox popup, and add counter timer widgets.

It also comes with some inbuild A/B testing to optimize your lead generation efforts and analytics. This plugin Exit-intent technology helps your visitor sign your website before leaving.

2. All in One SEO (AIOSEO)

redirect a website

All In One SEO plugin is the world’s best SEO plugin used by over a million websites. This plugin helps you optimize your content for higher SEO rankings; It also helps you optimize your website for social media. 

All social media networks rely on your meta description to display the right content with the image when someone shares your website. 

AIO SEO helps you to set a custom thumbnail for social media networks like Facebook or Twitter so that you can fix the wrong thumbnail issues for your website.

It also helps you set up a Twitter card for WordPress to get rich snippets on the Twitter Platform. The best part of this theme is that you can get a full social preview before sharing your content on social media platforms to see how exactly your content will look on the social media platforms. 

AIOSEO also lets you enter all your social profiles for your website and author, which can help you to boost your rankings.

3. SeedProd

SeedProd Social Media Plugin

Seedpod is one of the best WordPress page builder plugins with around 1 million active users. It comes with a drag and drops feature to create a custom landing page, and you can completely create a WordPress theme (no require coding knowledge).

The best feature of this theme is that it comes with social media integration that you can create a link in the bio page for your Instagram profile. 

SeedProd comes with over 150+ pre-made layouts that help you create webinar landing pages, sale pages, and any landing page.

Many bloggers and website owners are using SeedProd to create all kinds of pages for social media campaigns.

It seamlessly integrates with popular email marketing services and another third-party platform.

4. PushEngage

PushEngage Best WordPress Plugin

PushEngage is the best push notification plugin in WordPress that helps to engage with your visitors and bring them back to your website. 

When you publish a new blog post or add a new product, this plugin sends a push notification to your visitors. It helps you promote different sales offers and get more conversions to your website. If you were launching an e-commerce website, then the PushEngage plugin helps you recover abandoned carts with personalized messages.

With the PushEngage, it’s very easy to send your push notification to your targeted audience, and this plugin allows you to create a different segments audience and marketing message on your visitor actions.

Other features included with this plugin such as A/B testing, automatic drip campaign, campaign tracking, custom campaign, and lots more.

5. ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates Best WordPress Plugin

The world’s best WordPress affiliate link management tool is ThirstyAffiliates. This plugin helps you manage all your affiliate links inside WordPress cloak links and easily integrate them on your website with a different blog post.

You can also see the analytics on how’s your affiliate’s link performs on your website. It also allows you to organize your links by your categories to easily find them. 

For more details, you can check out the plugins.

6. WPForms

WpForms File Upload Plugin

WPForm is one of the best plugins for a newbie who wanna create a contact form In the WordPress platform. It allows your visitors to stay with you using a contact form. Also, you can get new proposals for new projects using the best contact form plugin WPForm. 

You can use the drag and drop builder to create a contact form with WPForm. You can also create subscription forms, payments forms, and order forms using the WPForm. 

WPForm comes with many premade templates that come with spam protection features, and each form is responsive for any device. This contact form helps you collect files and documents and helps you collect payment online. 

This plugin is compatible with the other popular WordPress or email marketing services.

7. Uncanny Automator

Uncanny Automator Best WordPress Plugin

Uncanny Automator is the best WordPress plugin that helps automate your website’s different tasks without editing a single line of code. You can create a powerful workflow that saves you lots of variable time. 

Uncanny Automator is easily integrated with over 70 WordPress plugins and many third-party tools. These plugins also help you to create automation recipes on your WordPress website.

For instantly, you can send notifications from your woocommerce store, tweet new blog posts, integrate zoom meetings in your WordPress website, and lots more.

8. MonsterInsights Best WordPress Plugin

MonsterInsights Social Media Plugin

Monster Insights is one of the best WordPress analytics plugins used by around 3 million website owners. It helps you properly set up google analytics and see all your website starts inside your WordPress dashboard. 

If you can’t measure, then you can’t improve. That’s what we believe. It’s easier to double your website traffic and sales when you know exactly how people find your website to use. 

MonsterInsights helps you identify which social media network and campaigns are the best for you. So you can double on what works and stop wasting your valuable time. 

It unlocks all opportunities to win, improve your conversion and grow your revenue.

The best part of this plugin is that this plugin is user-friendly, and you can see your website performing.

This plugin also comes with some powerful features like Headline Analyzer, which helps you write more clicky headlines to boost your website traffic. This plugin also comes with some special features for social media platforms.

9. Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post Best WordPress Plugin

This plugin allows you to revive your old blog post by sharing your blog post on different social media. Social media is a huge source of traffic for blog websites.

This plugin automatically shares your old post link on social media. You can also choose a time interval between posts, exclude specific categories, use hashtags, more.

For more, you can check out the plugin demo and instructions.

10. Subscribe To Comments Reloaded

Subscribe To Comments Reloaded Best WordPress Plugin

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded allows your visitor to subscribe to your website post or comments. Cases comments are the most powerful user engagement tool on any WordPress website. 

By default, once a user leaves a comment on your website, they’re no way to remind them to check out their replies on future discussion.

When you use this plugin, your user can get a notification on their email when someone replies to their comment or your post. It is not the only way to get more views on your website, but also this method can help your visitors to increase your website conversion.

11. AdSanity

AdSanity Best WordPress Plugin

AdSanity is one of the best ad manager WordPress plugins, and this plugin offers you the world’s best, easier way to manage all your ads on your website. 

You can create many ad units, and you can rotate this ad if you want, group them, or schedule them to increase your website earning potential. You can use advertising programs like Google Adsense or sell ads units directly.

12. Smash Balloon Best WordPress Plugin

Smash ballon plugins for Photographer

Thousands of photographers are using WordPress to share their creativity with the World people. WordPress is the best way to create a photography website for your photography website. 

With to help of the right photography theme, you can create an eye-catching and professional-looking website. However, the real power of WordPress comes from some of the right plugins that help you to add new features and improve your workflows. 

For Instance, you can use different SEO plugins that optimize your website all images for google search engines and use some specific keywords that help you for google ranking. Similarly, there are lots of plugins that help you to insert image galleries and image sliders, making your website elegant and prominent on your website. 

Aside from this, you can also want to promote your works and get organic traffic to your website. WordPress comes with lots of social media plugin that helps you to increase your social media followers. 

So let’s get in our traffic; loot at some best WordPress plugins for photographers.

13. Envira Gallery

Envira gallary Plugins for photographer

Envira is one of the best responsive WordPress gallery plugins on this platform. It allows you to effortlessly create mobile-friendly and responsive galleries in WordPress that provide an eye-catching professional look for your website. 

I hope you know that website loading speed is essential for google ranking; Envira is very lightweight, so it loaded super fast. You can use image watermarks to prevent your image from being theft. 

Envira plugin comes with a search engine-friendly plugin; It allows you to add metadata for your image galleries. It works great like another SEO plugin in this industry.

14. WP Call Button

WP Call Button Best WordPress Plugin

The Wp call button is a fully free WordPress plugin that helps you add a click call button on your WordPress website without hiring a developer.

If your business requires your visitors or customer to contact you for information, quotes, or support, you can add a click to call button that is more beneficial for you. Rising mobile traffic allows your visitors to reach out to your business phone number with a single click.

The Wp call button is a user-friendly plugin that can be fully set with all kinds of displays; you need to add your phone number and save it, then you can complete all your task. This plugin also has lots of options to change your button color, button text, button position, and more.

15. TrustPulse Best WordPress Plugin

TrustPulse Best WordPress Plugin

TrustPulse is a social proof plugin for WordPress. This plugin helps you to boost your website traffic by increasing social proof.

With this plugin, you can interact on your website as social proof, like subscribing to your newsletter or buying a product. This helps your visitor fear missing out, and you can generate more sales.

Your plugin is easy to use and easily customizable for a non-techy person. It also comes with some smart targeting features, which allow you to control your notification before sending it to your visitors.

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