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Top 10 Best Pharmacy WordPress Themes 2022

The target of this selection of themes is to make it easy to create a professional-looking pharmacy website on the WordPress platform. 

When you want to create an online pharmacy store that sells various medicine online and promotes your pharmacy online, there are some great themes in this collection that helps you to create a professional and eye-catching website. All of these themes have useful e-commerce features so that you can make an online store and you can sell your product online.

Besides other features, most of the themes have appointment booking and scheduling features. So, you keep an eye out for that features if it’s something you need you.

These best pharmacy themes work with the two best page builders, Elementor and Gutenberg.

1. Clarivo

Clarivo pharmacy theme

Clarino the medical theme is made for medical websites.

When you install the theme, it gives you a welcome message; this theme comes with lots of demos, covers a good range of styles, and includes some best-promoting features for your pharmacy website. Also, there’re lots of unique and best features, be sure to check out the Clarivo demos for more information.

To help you to stay connected with your visitor, Clarivo comes with a built-in newsletter signup form. Once your visitor signup to your newsletter, you can send your visitor different promotional mail to increase your sale and profit.

Clarino has all the features you need to create a professional-looking pharmacy website.

2. iPharm

iPharm pharmacy theme

iPharm is a medical WordPress theme with premade designed to create a professional pharmacy website.

iPharm theme is generally made for medical WordPress themes, and It’s an ideal choice for building an online pharmacy website. Whether your pharmacy has an offline presence or just an online-only venture, iPharm has lots of templates and features that help you create a website for your medical store to increase your business. For example, selling products online directly to your customer is very easy from your website, which this theme makes.

iPharm comes with many pre-made demos that properly go with the best page builder Elementor plugin. This theme gives you complete creative control over all your website designs without editing any single line of code. iPharm comes with social media integration features, too, that help you promote your website worldwide.

Online book for doctor appointed is also the best feature of this theme.

3. Medilazar

Medilazar pharmacy theme

Medilazar is a medicine shop and pharmacy theme that comes with lots of premade demos.

This theme has everything that features you want to need to launch an online pharmacy website that helps you sell medical products online. Medilazar is fully prepared for the woocommerce e-commerce plugin, which allows you to convert your website into an online store. Modeilazar also comes with a few extra e-commerce features like creating product bundles and an optional countdown timer to promote expirable items; both features help you boost your online sales.

Besides e-commerce templates for your online medical store, Medilazar has many valuable templates to create many essential pages like Contact Us, About Us, FAQ, and many critical pages.

Medilazar allowed you to customize your website; this theme is entirely comfortable with the best page builder plugin element.

4. Medik

Medik pharmacy theme

Media is a WordPress theme whos entirely focused on creating a medical store website.

Among these many uses for themes is creating a specific website for your medicine pharmacy. Although there’re no particular demos for a pharmacy website, this theme quickly goes with the medicine website. As long as you plan to sell medicine online with your website, this theme quickly goes with you. 

Media help you go on the online platform and increase your medicine business online; this theme features like Woocommerce extension. This feature makes your website an entire e-commerce store. This theme also comes with social media integration functionality and doctor appointment features; this feature gives you extra benefit to your medical business. When you purchase this theme, the WPBakaery page builder plugin also comes with this theme; you can also integrate google maps facilities to your website that help you share your location with your visitors.

Medik also comes with some custom widget that helps you to upgrade your sidebar area.

5. Medizin

Medizin pharmacy theme

Medizin is a medical equipment theme, and it’s pharmacy-friendly.

If you’re planning about selling medical equipment and other similar items online with a pharmacy website, then The Medizin is the best choice for you. This theme comes with lots of premade beautiful demos that help you to provide a good look on your website.

This fully supports you if you want to integrate e-commerce on your website, and this theme has a few practical and relevant features for e-commerce. This theme includes a countdown timer to promote special offers and discounts and lots of filtering products and product quick view features. Medizin has a product review option that’s an excellent opportunity for visitors to rate your product online. 

If you’ve lots of items for sale, Medizin has some templates that help you handle lots of products easily. 

6. Diza

Diza pharmacy theme

Diza is a multipurpose WordPress theme that comes with lots of mobile-first templates.

Most of the visitors who use pharmacy websites visit websites with mobile phones; the Diza comes with lots of templates whos perform best on a mobile device, and these templates are also responsive with a big screen. If you want to know how your website performs on mobile devices, you can visit Diza all demos, then you will probably find your all answer. 

One of the best features of the Diza theme is that it comes with an inbuild mega menu to include lots of content and information on the navigation areas. And a live search button helps your visitors to find their target content from your website. This creates the opportunity to generate more sales from your website. 

All video tutorials are available on the Diza website. I hope you will probably visit the demos of Diza themes.

7. Medicor

Medicor pharmacy theme

The Medicor has around 10+ premade demos entirely related to the pharmacy and medical websites.

The Medicor demos come with many homepage demos packed with different sections to give your medical website a professional look. They have also entirely focused sell products online when they create all demos. They have lots of templates for displaying your all medicine list.

Medicare is entirely e-commerce bases, So if you plan to don’t sell products from your website, then this theme can’t be the right choice for you. Then you can go with an up and below hook. Finally, if you’re planning to build a Medicor website, including the various shop pages, you can go with this theme, Cause this theme has lots of premade templates and lots of filtering options.

The Medcor templates are made with the most popular page builder element.

8. MyMedi

MyMedi pharmacy theme

My media has lots of demos and modules for a pharmacy website.

To help you build your professional website, MyMedi comes with lots of premade templates that give you the professional looks of your website. Also, lots of skins are added every new update, so they’re an excellent chance to get more features in the future. This theme comes with many features that help you create a professional e-commerce website like stock items, product rating, adding product features, and lots more.

When you buy the MyMedi theme, then a premium plugin WPbakery Page builder comes with this, and the Slider Revolution plugin also is added with this at no extra cost. You can customize your website in different ways and create many slide shows to showcase all your medicine and pharmacy items.

Quicks view and Product bundle are the two best e-commerce features with MyMedi.

9. Medibazar

Medibazar pharmacy theme

MediBazar is a WordPress theme made for Online Pharmacy and Medical equipment.

Whatever, if you want to sell online, from health products or medical equipment, this theme is the best choice for you. Modibazar is made for making this type of website. All of the templates of these themes are so modern and suitable for your website or similar to all products.

If you check out the demos of ModiBazar, you’ll notice all of the demos on the homepage have exciting layouts that are the ideal choice to make a medical website. This theme also has features to show display deals, customer feedback, and logos related to the brands you sell. You can also integrate social media for showing different content from your social profile, such as Instagram, on your homepage. Not only your front page but your whole website will also look good with this theme.

A large number of e-commerce templates come with this theme that helps you to sell your product online. 

10. Nika

Nika pharmacy theme

Nika is a multi-vendor WordPress theme that supports creating a professional medical store website. 

If you want to let multiple users up the system on your website and generate sales from your website, then Nika is the best choice for you. Nika helps you create a multi-vendor marketplace with lots of supported plugins, including the WC marketplace and WP Vendors, and both are fully workable with Woocommerce.

You don’t have to use Nika in Market place mode, though you can use these theme demos and individual templates to make your online pharmacy website. This plugin helps your visitors find your live search location, advanced features, and mega menu. And this plugin also offers a product review feature.

Nika works with The best page builder, Elementor, to customize your entire website.

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