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The Best Free WordPress Plugins For 2022

Welcome back, my name is Eftekharul and today I’ll be showing you guys the best free plugin for 2021. It’s almost impossible to say that one plugin is the best for the entire category. So what I’ve done is I’ve picked 20 different categories and picked the best free plugins and alternatives to use for that specific category. This way you guys can pick a plugin that works for you and your WordPress websites. Because I realize everyone has their own style and preference of what they want on their WordPress websites. Now, this content took me around two months to make because I spent a long time testing out dozens of free plugins to bring you guys the best plugins that I came across.


Rank math plugin is a free plugin that allows you to index your website in the google search results. The rank math plugin has really grown in popularity over the year and you’ll be able to submit your website to the google search console and also optimize your pages and posts using this free plugin. The free version is pretty generous and offers quite a bit. Alternatively, you can use Yoast. Yoast is another free plugin that allows you to optimize your pages and posts in the google search results. They’re both really easy to use for beginners and you should not have a problem getting your website set up for the google search results.

Rank Math

Yoast SEO

Image Optimization

Now the tiny jpeg plugin is the number one rated online service to optimize all of your images through their website. Yet tiny jpeg has recently created a plugin of their own that allows you to optimize your website within the WordPress dashboard making it really easy for you to shred off all the facts on the images on your website. You will have to sign up and register your API key in the plugin settings. You can also visit their website and optimize your pages manually without even using the plugin. I’ve tested tiny jpeg and it’s a great free solution to optimize your images without photoshop.

Alternatively, you can also use resmush with resmush you can simply click a button in the back end and this plugin will start to shred the fat of all of your images making your website run faster. It’s another great free plugin that allows you to reduce the size of your images without photoshop and it’s completely free.

Tiny Jpeg


Now translate press is great. Translate press allows you to convert your entire website into a different language with a single click. Translate press offers a few different ways to translate your website. You can use google translate or you can translate each word or phrase to any other language. You can also use the depot translator located on their website if you need help. The pro version allows you to translate your website into multiple languages. Alternatively, you can use polyline polylang is another great free plugin that allows you to translate your WordPress website. It uses a plugin called lingotek to help with translations. The free version gives you enough power to translate your whole website. The pro version allows you to duplicate your posts in different languages and slugs as well. Both are great choices for a multilingual plugin.

Translate Press

Push Notification

Push notifications are trending. With one signal you can send up to ten thousand push notifications for users. Who allows push notifications on your website for free. You can also create segments for specific audiences. Another cool tool is you can send push notifications when you upload and create products to help maximize sales on your eCommerce websites. You can also use push engage it does have a smaller limit of push notifications in the free version. However, it does offer an unlimited plan which is pretty attractive.

Contact Form

I think the best contact form as of right now is forminator. Forminator is a really simple contact form builder that makes your contact form look really professional. With forminator, you can customize each section add built-in payment gateways also in the free version and it also comes with conditional logic. This contact form offers the most features I’ve ever seen in the contact form versus any other free contact form. If you’re looking to add a contact form to your website on a budget definitely check out forminator it offers tons of features in the free version.


Today most people are using lightspeed servers. The lightspeed caching plugin is a great plugin that works specifically for your web server. You can cache specific parts of your website like the CSS the javascript cache and the critical CSS cache plus. You can refresh the caching settings on your website. It also comes with image optimization and a database optimizer as well. It pretty much has everything you need for your caching needs. Anyone can also use wp rocket. I personally use this plugin on my WordPress website. However it is a paid plug-in, it’s a great caching plugin that offers great caching features. It also comes with features like lazy load CDN integrations I really like this plugin and I personally use it on my WordPress websites.


Spam your website is going to get spam to trust me I get offers for viagra I get offers for all sorts of crazy products. I’ll make this quick clean talk is the best one I’ve used that actually works. Clean talk has a collection of spam organizations and automatically box the entire organization known for spam. It really works the filtering system is very accurate. I’ve blocked thousands of attacks with this plugin and I personally use this plugin on my WordPress website.


If you want to record your analytics or even see your ad revenue google created a new plugin called the google site kit plugin which will connect your WordPress website with your google analytics. So when you log into your WordPress website you will see all the analytics on your dashboard right away. You can also use the google analytics free plugin it does some of the same free features and allows you to view your google analytics within your dashboard.


Backups are important the worst thing is when you wake up into your website gone or see you got hacked by on your WordPress website which actually happened to me. All in one wp migration is probably the easiest backup and migration plugin that WordPress has to offer. You simply install the plugin and export your website as a file or upload a copy of your website to other cloud drives. The free version offers the file export option which is probably the most important.

And you can always upgrade to the pro and export a copy of a website to specific drives. You can also back up the records of the comments revisions the library media and other records the website might have in the database. It’s a great plugin and most people will find it very easy to backup and migrate your WordPress website. You can also use updraft. Updraft is one of the most popular plugins that can back up your website and restore it to previous states. You can also clone your website and migrate it to another domain.

Page Bowlers

Now this is gonna be a fun one this is where everyone likes to fight and get rowdy but hey that’s okay. Now there’s no specific best page builder. However, I do feel that whatever works best for you is the builder that you should choose. Elementor is probably the most stable page builder with tons of integrations. It does have a small learning curve but after just a few hours of using it you’ll be able to make websites with ease. It also has a massive market of template plugins and themes. So no matter what kind of website you’re trying to build you can probably build it with elementor.

Brizzy is one of the most intuitive and easiest page builders to use on this list. It comes with beautiful pre-made sections that you can simply click and go and have your website I’ve been running in a few clicks. Next, we have beaver builder.

This is another fast and stable page builder that makes it really easy to build your WordPress websites. Next wp page builder. Although this is the youngest of the page builders I’ve seen some really nice things from these builders. It’s easy it’s intuitive it’s fast and I think down the road we can see more improvements for this builder. Lastly Gutenberg. Gutenberg is the default editor with WordPress right now and it’s in a maturing state. There are several add-ons and plugins for this theme that works specifically for this new page builder. Now, this is the default builder that comes with WordPress and over time Gutenberg is really improving.


Sometimes by adding a simple plugin to your website it can really help speed up your WordPress websites. There are a few plugins I recommend in this category. First asset cleanup. This plugin will prevent or disable specific scripts from loading making your WordPress website send fewer requests. And making your website load faster. You can also minimize CSS reduce the javascript files and disable emojis which can slow down your website. Another helpful plugin is Phastpress. Just by simply installing this plugin it will automatically optimize your website for the fastest page settings. It’s a great plugin completely free it also has no pro version. Lastly accelerated mobile pages make your mobile visitors have a faster loading experience. It’s a great way to reduce bounce rates and have your mobile visitors stay longer on your WordPress website.


If you want to turn your WordPress website into an eCommerce platform to accept payments and create products for your shop the woocommerce plugin is hands down the leader in this industry. It allows you to create various types of products that have automated taxes set your shipping restrict specific countries from buying on your shop to prevent shipping issues. And works with pretty much every payment merchant on the internet. The best part it’s completely free. Now if you plan on only selling digital products I recommend the easy digital downloads plugin. They’re another great eCommerce plugin that allows you to sell digital product memberships or any other virtual products on your WordPress websites. It does give you a bit more control over your shop than woocommerce in regards to digital downloads. So I think it’s a great pick if you want to start a digital download website.


Do you want to create your own social website or community website? There are two plugins in this industry that are the leaders in this category. Buddy boss is a great plugin that converts your entire WordPress website into a social community website. So this plugin allows users to come to your website sign up post in the news feed create groups create courses upload images and basically do everything facebook can. Peepso is another great plugin that offers the same features with some minor differences.

Course Creation

If you want to create your own online course website the Lifter LMS plugin is a great plugin that allows you to create course quizzes assignments. You can also charge money for your courses. I really like the user interface for this plugin I find it really easy to use for beginners. Learndash is also a very powerful free plugin. It allows you to create courses lessons quizzes offer certifications have badges and has tons of free integrations. Either way, you can’t go wrong with either plugin when you’re trying to create an online course website.

Custom Post type

Custom post types can be confusing for beginners. Essentially custom post types are still posting but within a specific category. The plugin I recommend is a custom post-type UI. For example, you can create custom post types for library books cars, or something that you may want to create but it’s not necessarily a post, in fact, woocommerce products are a great example of a custom post type. They do not necessarily post but they’re just something else. So if you’re new to custom post types feel free to give the custom post type UI plugin a try.


If you want to have a sharing icon or have users share your content the monarch plugin from elegant themes is great. The monarch plugin allows you to create sharing icons on your website. In which users can share a website to their favorite social network. It’s loaded with tons of templates and you can also design the sharing icons. You can also enable specific social websites.

You can place the sharing icons as widgets add them to the side of your page add them to your sidebar or even lock the content on specific posts. It’s one of the more popular sharing plugins I’ve seen on the internet. You can also use social media share buttons this is a great free plugin that allows you to place your social icons wherever you want. It comes with 20 designs and also has a sticky social icon bar which is pretty cool.

Email option

If you want to create pop-ups on your website where users can opt-in to your email list. The bloom plugin by elegant themes is a great versatile opt-in form. It allows you to place your opt-in form as a widget pop-up slide-in and other various designs and styles. It also comes with hundreds of really nice templates that you can use for your website and it also shows you the stats of how many people saw the pop-up versus how many people signed up.

Now one thing to note is the bloom plugin which is the email opt-in the monarch plugin which is the sharing plugin and also the divi theme they all come in a specific package. If you’re looking for a free alternative you can also try sumo. Sumo allows you to create a pop-up for your email opt-ins. You can design your forms and it also integrates with most email providers.

Social Login

So you’ve been a website where you can log in with Facebook or your Gmail account right. You can add this feature to your WordPress website using a social login plugin. Social login nexus allows users to visit your website create an account and log in with one click. It’s really convenient and it’s really easy for users to sign up so this will really help you with conversions.


The amelia booking plugin is a great overall booking plugin. You can create a booking website for any style of niche. Users can select specific times they can also select specific dates they can also select specific people they won’t like their favorite doctors or personal trainers. You can accept payments with this plugin and it also sends out text messages to customers. Plus it looks great on mobile.

You can also use the bookly plugin. I do like this plugin but they do offer a lot of add-ons and I think maybe they should embed all of them together to make things a little bit more convenient for users. The add-ons range from subscriptions to special days and they also have specific payment merchant gateways as well. Another plugin that’s getting a lot of attention is booknetic. This plugin comes with a beautiful custom dashboard that allows you to build your form send out text notifications. And it also works with various payment gateways plus it looks really nice.


Ultimate membership pro is one of the best all-around WordPress plugins to create membership websites. You can offer free and paid memberships restrict pages add recurring payments and even offer free trials for your users. It also works with 11 different payment gateways. It’s a great overall plugin for membership websites. You can also use memberpress. Memberpress allows you to create memberships create coupons restrict content create specific membership groups and also have subscriptions. It’s really all about preference regarding these two membership plugins but both have the same result. If you’re looking for a free option paid memberships pro is probably the best alternative.

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