Telegram Not Sending Code

Telegram Not Sending Code: Telegram SMS Not Sending

Todays time “Telegram Not Sending Code” is a common issue that faces lots of Telegram users. Although, it is not a problem that appears all the time. It’s not mean that always you guys face this Telegram Not Sending Code problem. If your Telegram Verification code is not coming on your phone, then what you’ll do? In this article, we’ll discuss the Telegram Not Sending Code problem, and find the best solution to reduce the telegram verification code problem.

What is the Verification Code In Telegram

Telegram is a super secure personal or business messaging platform all over the world. You can frequently use Telegram on your Mobile as an android app, on your iPhone as an iOS app, Also you can use it on your Desktop. Telegram take action called OTP( One Time Password) whos make your account more secure than before.

When does Telegram Send Verification Code?

A Verification code means that a Time Pass send to your number which you provide to verify that you’re the real person. Telegram sends OTP for a user max 3 times.

  • Open you open your Telegram account for the First time.
  • When you try to open your account on different devices.
  • When you forget your Telegram password and try to recover your account.

Telegram sends verification SMS on your phone for three conditions, If Telegram doesn’t send a verification code anyone can access your account without your permission. Read: (What is Messenger Bump Feature & How to Use it?)

Telegram Phone Verification Not Working Error

When you’re trying to create your brand new Telegram account, you input your phone number correctly and wait for a couple of minutes, but you didn’t get any kind of Verification code on your mobile. Or you input your number correctly and put your password, But you couldn’t find any kind of verification message on your phone. Telegram verification code not received which you need to login on to your account. This is not the Errors as “Telegram Not Sending Code”

Why is Telegram Not Sending Code For Verification?

There’re lots of reasons behind Telegram Not Sending Code. Telegram not Sending Verification codes can be a fault or technical problem. Here’s is some reason for telegram verification code problem.

  • You may be input the wrong Phone number for verification
  • May you miss your country code which is very important for number verification.
  • Or Maybe Telegram sends the verification code on your different phone.
  • Maybe you input the wrong Verification code, which doesn’t match the Main verification code.
  • If you’re already input the wrong Verification code many times.
  • Check your network quality on your SIM card which you’re using for Telegram verification.

There is some problem list behind creating a Telegram account, Check the list carefully which help you to fix the Telegram Not Sending Code Error. Read: (How To Use Telegram Without Phone Number)

Get Rid Of Telegram Phone Verification Not Working Problem

Here we provide some of the best solutions which helps you to avoid Telegram verification Error.

Guide For Brand New Account

If you’re a new user of a Telegram account, and you wanna create your personal or business account on Telegram then you need to check this list to avoid Verification problems. 

  • Check your Phone number carefully. If you enter the wrong phone number then your verification code may go on the wrong phone number. So be careful before inputting your phone number. 
  • If your phone number which you enter is correct but you still have not received any kind of verification code from the telegram then may be the cause for your network issues. Check your SIM network correctly then click on the send code again button.
  • Check your phone’s Airplane mode, Maybe it can be on position. 
  • Restart your phone and then try again.
  • And Go to your settings option and Allow Telegram for sending you Calls and SMS.

Guide For Existing Account Users

If you’ve already a Telegram account, and you wanna logging your account and didn’t get the verification code then you check this list to solve your issues:

  • Firstly check your other phone or laptop or any kind of device, where you logged your telegram account before. Telegram may send the verification code to the login account.
  • If this problem is still going with you then you need to uninstall your Telegram app, and install it from the google play store.
  • There’s another cause, you may be trying so many times. So Telegram maybe blocks you for a couple of minutes or an hour. Try to unblock your device.
  • Be sure that you enter the correct phone number.

Guide For Recover Existing Account

Telegram also sends the verification code when you forget your account password. If you can’t remember your password then forgot the password is the best choice for you. 

  • Firstly select the country code then enter your phone number.
  • Uninstall the Telegram app and then Reinstall it again.
  • Go to your setting option and allows telegram for sending your message or phone calls. 
  • Don’t hurry. Give telegram for some time, then try again after a couple of minutes. 
  • If your telegram account goes then deleted, then I suggest you create another brand new account.


Before logging your Telegram You just obey few step to reduce Telegram Not Sending Code Problem. Be sure when you enter your phone number this correct or not. Secondly see that your SIM network is Ok or Not. Check you Telegram account is login other phone or your other phone. Allow Telegram to send you message or Calls. Also you need to enter your Verification code Correctly.

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