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Top 5 Best SEO Tool For Free In 2021

If you’re a Blogger or a Youtuber then you need a keyword resource SEO Tool. All are keyword resource tools cost very high. If someone starting blogging at a beginner level, then they haven’t enough money to buy keyword resource tools. Today I told you some keywords resource tools which are absolutely free to use. And don’t need to pay a single money for this tool. I hope this content really helpful for you. And if you get any help from this content then share it with your friend. Don’t forget to subscribe to the bell button for notifications. Let’s let started:

The Hoth

The first SEO tool on our list is the hoth. It’s a fully free SEO tool for everyone. Firstly you need to search on google the hoth or type the URL( on your browser, then open the website. After opening the website you need to signup on the hot website. After successfully sign in you gets a lot of tools such as Banklink checker, Domain Authority checker, Search Competition, Organic Traffic Stats, Keyword Research, Keyword Volume Checker, Keyword Density, etc. Using the keyword research tool, you can see Keyword volume, CPC, Comp, Results, Search Trends, and Action results. And you get a lot of matching keywords that you need to see. If you face any problem with searching then you can get help from live chat and It’s completely free.



The second SEO tool on our list is Ubersuggest. If you’re a blogger then I hope you hear the name of ubersuggest. You can use these tools specifically worldwide. Everyone can use it daily 4 times without creating an account. Ubersuggest shows you lots of data about all keywords with matching keywords. After search a keyword with ubersuggest, you can see this keyword search volume, SEO difficulty, Paid difficulty, and CPC. If you want to go to the first page then, this tool shows you how much backlink and domain authority you need.



Our 3rd number free SEO tool is BIQ. BIG is the best tool ever. This tool gives you a lot of features with completely free. You got Related Keyword, Content Ideas, Popular Question, And Trending Search tool with the BIG website. With keyword tools, you can see Related keywords, Trends, Volume, CPC, COMP, Intent, and value.



Semrush is the best SEO tool on our list. This tool gives you 10 free searches for a day. You can search 10 keywords with the Semrush tool within one day. Semrush SEO tool provides you everything which you needed for SEO. Its overview show you Keyword Volume, Keyword Difficulty, CPC, Com, Global Volume. There is a plan for using it completely free for unlimited keywords. Firstly you need to make a 10+ email account and then signup with a 10+ email. Also, you can use temp mail for creating an account. One email shows you ten keyword and 10+ email shows you 100+ keyword every day. It’s the best trick, I hope you enjoy this.


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