What is Quordle answer 189

August 1, 2022, Quordle Answer 189

The Answer of Quordle Answer 189 for 1 August, 2022 already discovered. Yesterday Quordle Answer 188 had quite difficulty rating, but todays answer gonna be very easy. There’re almost two or may be four uncommon consonants in the the solution.

What is Quordle answer 189 for August 1, 2022

The Quordle Answer for August, 1, 2022 is:

  1.  “CLOUD”
  2. “THORN”
  3. “REHAB”
  4. “WHITE”
 “REHAB” maybe give you some kinds of uncommon consonants like “H” or “B”. There’s no word that ends with The “B” so you might be needed some time for this. They first said that using the following strategy for finding three worlds at the start of the puzzle that eliminates all vowels and most similar constants like (“R” “S” “T” and “N”) will likely get you at least three latter in “REHAB”. We’re lucky to say that which word we try includes the “H” which makes it easy to rather “B”.
Another three Words are easy to solve with the same strategy which we use before

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