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How to Make a Full WordPress Website: Step-by-Step guideline for Beginners

Make a Full WordPress Website: Believe this or not, if you know how to make a website from scratch is a one of the essential skill for you.

Please agree with me! Here’s is the reason:

⦁ If you know that how to make a website, then you can save a lot of money from a web developer and web designers.
⦁ This will also help you to follow the market trends and put new things on your website without the help of a programmer.
⦁ You will be always ahead of your competition because Others projects are slowed down by the need to consult developers but you will be able to build most things yourself.

With that being said, the most important subject of the puzzle is that you can learn how to make a WordPress website and how to create something awesome for your project or your business.

At last, there are no skill requirements for creating a website with WordPress. In this content, we will help you with how to make a WordPress website from scratch.

Step 1: Choose a WordPress platform for your website.

wordpress website

Truth be told, There are many kinds of platforms that you can use when building a new website – That’s called (CMS) Content Management System.

The idea of CMS is to give you some easy methods so that you’re able to edit your website without any coding knowledge. For the most part from a user’s view – CMS looks much like the familiar interfaces at Facebook or Google Docs.

But Enough with technicalities! As I said, there are many CMS – more than 100 listed by Wikipedia.

Luckily, You pick the best one is simple. There is only one king on the top of the mountain and it’s WordPress.

Basically, about 34% of live websites are creating with WordPress. Or, to say Differently, If you visit three websites then one website is based on WordPress.

Here are some details about WordPress:

⦁ It’s an open-source
⦁ It’s completely free to use.
⦁ It’s the ultimate DIY solution for building a WordPress website
⦁ It’s extra versatile – it can any type of website that you want
⦁ It’s super fast and optimizes and secure by lots of WordPress plugin
⦁ It’s Completely so friendly for makes free promotions.

Now, one of the important distinctions, “WordPress” that we’re talking about here is, “WordPress, the software”. You can find it on the WordPress org website. Just got the website and you found the Get WordPress button. When you click this button WordPress file automatically downloads.

When you learning, how to make a website on a WordPress platform then picking a name is the most important part of your business or project. After all, You will have complete freedom here. You can pick any kind of name for your website if the name is available. I suggest you buy .com, .net. org extension domain.

First off, there are about 2 Billion websites online on the web (at the time when I writing). Meaning, staying original can be quite challenging.

How to Choose a Domain name:

⦁ brandable – Be unique from another, Unique sounding, like nothing else that’s out there in the market.
⦁ easy to memorize just one-time hearing
⦁ short – those are also easier to memorize for a long time
⦁ easy to type – a domain name should be easy for searching.

Here’s a quick took that you can find your domain name easily. If you have no idea about that which domain name you want to get then go to the world no.1 Generator – Domain Wheel and see how it can help you.

Start by inputting any kind of keyword that defines your website well.

Domain wheel will come back with lots of domain suggestions. you can choose your brand’s available domain. Next step once you know which domain name to register it and also buy a hosting package.

Note: while things like buying a domain and hosting package might sound intimidating the first time. But there’s really nothing to worry for buy a hosting package. Buying a domain and hosting package, we’re presenting here is very simplified and you don’t have any technical knowledge.

There are thousands of different companies that can you register a new domain name and then there are lots of companies that can sell hosting for you.

But let’s not complicate this buying process for ourselves and instead get anything from a single company – and one go.

We’re going to use Bluehost to buy a domain and hosting for us. Here’s why:

Bluehost is a reputable web host companies that optimize for WordPress website and make sure that your website doesn’t down for a single time.
⦁ It’s one of the few companies recommended. And Official WordPress Site also recommended for using Bluehost services.
⦁ It’s very cheap and its price starting from $2.95/month.
⦁ It’s easy to use that helps a beginner.
⦁ And lastly, you get a free domain for the first year.

Here’s we’re going to buy a hosting and a domain for us:

1. We’re going to purchase a hosting pack for our website.
2. Then we get a free domain name for us if the name is available. If the name isn’t available then choose another or choose a different extension.
3. We’re going to tell you how to install WordPress on the Bluehost platform and hosting setup.

Step 4: Let's started the process - how to make a website:

Let’s go to the Bluehost website. Once on the page then choose a plan for yourself. In starting a business you don’t have enough money and you’ve only one website then I recommended buying a basic plan.

In the next step, enter a domain name for you that you’ve decided to get your site.

Next to providing your personal information to complete this process. Be sure that, your all data are safe.

Then complete the payment process for buying the hosting package. Congrats you successfully buy the domain and hosting.

Telling Bluehost to install WordPress for you: 

wordpress website

Since you now have signed up to Bluehost and you ready to go. While you can technically install WordPress manually, then why you pay a web designer to install WordPress. This full process is completely free for everyone. 

Once you buy domain and hosting, then you redirecting to installing the WordPress process. Basically, you can also install WordPress by going to the section of my site and clicking on the create a site button.

At that Bluehost needs a username and password that you want to use when you logging your WordPress site.

Get familiar with the WordPress UI

Wordpress login

You can log in to your WordPress backend by typing this URL
This is what you will see when you typing.

After successful login to your website backend then you see this type of interface.

1. Welcome message – Some of the most important areas of the admin panel listed as shortcut links
2. current status of your site and what’s going on with it
3. Post – You can write any kind of blog post from here
4. Media – By clicking media, you can upload any type of image a file
5. Page – Website all pages are creating from here.
6. Comments – when a user comments to read your content, then the comments appear on here.
7. Appearance – Appearance is one of the main parts of a website. From this place, you can customize your site properly
8. Plugins – For creating any type of action you need some help from a plugin. You can install a plugin from here
9. User – Creating a user account that can access the admin panel of the website
10. Settings – This is the main setting of a website.

a) Set permalinks For Your Site

set a permalink for wordpress website

What are permalinks? Permalinks basically a URL for your website. You can change your website permalink as you want.
To change your site permalinks, go to Setting → Permalinks from the main sidebar in your wp dashboard.
Once you select the setting then I recommend you set your permalink as post name.

b) Set your website title and tagline

Go to Setting→ General and set the site title and set tagline fields that you want to use.
Your site title tagline appear in various place on your site. When someone visits your page then the tagline appears top on the tab.
The tagline is optional – You can tagline or not use that your choice.

Pick a theme/design for your website

wordpress dashboard

The great thing about WordPress is that its design change by changing a theme. This meaning Anyone can switch the website full design with one click just changing the WP theme. When you install WordPress on the live server then some themes and plugins are installed. It looks like a booing design.

a) Pick a theme that you like

pick a theme for wordpress website

WordPress has lots of available themes that you like most. There’s about thousand number of theme available on But All the number themes aren’t optimized and so friendly. I have got content about the top 10 WordPress themes you can read the content to a general idea about the theme. OceanWP and Astra is the best theme in You can use it on your website.

Installing a theme, firstly go to Appearance then go to the themes option. After this press adds a new button and search for Astra or oceanwp theme, you can easily find this. After finding your correct theme then install and activated the theme.

b) Customize the theme:

customize theme

For customization of your theme goes the Appearance → Customize then you’ll see this WordPress customization option. Then go for HomePage Setting and select your homepage and blog page. Go to Typography option Sections and choose your font family, colors.

Step 5: Installation essential plugin For your website

Plugins are similar to your smartphone app.

For installing a plugin firstly go to the Plugins, then press adds a new button and install and activate the following plugins.

SEO: Two plugins help you to appearance your website on google or bing search console. That plugins are Yoast SEO and Rank Math. Those plugins are best for your site. Yoast SEO has much active installation but I suggest you install Rank Math Plugin for your site.
SITE KIT BY GOOGLE: These plugins help to see your website traffic, audience country, audience language, device.
WORDFENCE SECURITY: it improves your website security from the hacker.
UPDRAFT PLUS: It’s talke automatic backup for your website.
WP Form: Wp Form helps you to make a contact form for the site.

And Lastly, see this video to set up your full site.

WordPress Website
Play Video

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