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Google AdSense is the best way to earn from a website. The main reason to apply Google Adsense is Easy, Free, and Payment Verified. You can use another ad provider if your website isn’t ready to show Google Adsense ads. So lots of ad providers create problems with your payment threshold. 

Don’t worry; in today’s article, I’ll share the best Google Adsense alternative (Google Certified Publishing Partner) with you. All these publishers are 100% payment verified, and that publisher will provide you with the best CPC and RMP. So you can earn almost the same money from this Google Certified Publishing Partner.

What is Google Certified Publishing Partner?

Google Adsense is the best way to earn money from Google Ads. But in today’s time, getting approval is not easy. If you’ve had many visitors on your Blog, from or Tool website, you can go with Adsense Alternatives. They provide the same kinds of ads as Google Adsense,e and you can monetize your site. 

We’ll discuss the best Google-certified ad publishers. You don’t need to worry about the payment. You’ll get your price from those Google-verified ad publishers. 

So without wasting your valuable time, Le’s jump to our main topic Best Google AdSense Alternative.

1. Ezoic

Ezoic Google Certified Publishing Partner

Ezoic is the best Google AdSense alternative and Google Certified Publishing Partner in today’s time. Ezoic provides almost the same CPC and RPM as Google Adsense. But sometimes, you’ll get higher CPC and RPM from Ezoic. A few months ago, if you wanted Ezoic approval, you required 10K+ page views in a month. But now you can apply for Ezoic if you’ve less than 10K pages, or even no pageview required. Ezoic use AI technology which helps you by showing the best ads for your blog to increase your website ads revenue. This Ads Publisher company will also help you with their analytics, which will be more helpful for your site. Also, help you by increasing your website security and speed. 

2. AD(x) Inc


AD(X) is the 2nd most popular Google Certified Publishing Partner. This ad company will provide almost the same revenue as Google Adsense. But there’s a problem if you’re new in the blogging industry or a new blogger, and your website gets a small amount of traffic, then you should avoid this publisher. If you want to get AD(X) approval, your website must need 200K+ visitors in the last 28 days or more traffic in the last month. If you’ve lots of website traffic, I suggest you go with AD(X). You’ll get higher CPC and RPM with this publisher. AD(X) also allows you to MEDIATION with other platforms like Google Admanager, Facebook, Twitter Mobup, etc. This will help you to show the best and most high-paying advertisements on your website.

3. MonetizeMore

Monetizemore Google Certified Publishing Partner

MonetizeMore is another best option for bloggers to earn money from a Google-certified publishing partner. They’re well known for their highest bidding ads placement. Also, they provide their audience with a transparent contact, so there’s nothing hidden from joining their program. They also protect your website from invalid traffic. So you don’t need to worry about any kinds of invalid traffic problems or bandwidth problems for your website. MonetizeMore has four different partner programs, but they have a problem. If you go with their Starter plan, you must be required to pay a $1,000/month revenue minimum. The higher project also needs lots of revenue to join its partner program. Their Enterprise plan required a $100,000/month revenue minimum. Read: [How To Use Telegram Without Phone]

4. AdPushup


AdPushup is one of my favorite Google Certified Publishing Partner. This publishing company will give you the best opportunity to improve your CTR. Also, provide you with the best higher CPC and RPM from another famous company. So you don’t need to worry about your earnings. This publisher company also comes with Anti Ad Blocker technology. So, your audience can’t block the AdPushup ads from your site; this process will improve your earnings from other ad publisher companies. AdPushup also comes with Drive Bid Competition technology. This allows the highest paying companies ad to your website; this is the other best reason to increase your revenue with AdPushUp.

5. optAd360


optAd360 is another excellent read way to earn money from a Google-certified Publishing Partner. It’ll help you by increasing your earnings by up to 30%. This partner is AI( Artificial Intelligent) Technology which provides the best ad for your website. So you’ll get the best CPM, and RPM from your website. That will help you to increase your revenue. Read: [Top 6 Best Keyword Research Tool for]

By joining optAd360 you can use their AI technology and access many many products. optAd360 will provide you with the best ads for your site, which are entirely suitable. You’ll be found the best Sticky ads, parallax ads, interstitial ads, Intext video ads, in-feed ads, floating ads, sticky in-text video ads, and many of ads variants for your website.



ADOP is a great way to start your earring from your website. If you’re a beginner, then I suggest you go with ADOP. That’ll help you by increasing your website revenue. ADOP comes with meditation technology, which allows you to run more than two company ads on your website simultaneously. This will help you to run high-paying ads on your website and increase your website revenue.

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