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How to Fix the WordPress Logging Out Problem (6 Methods)

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Fix WordPress Logging Out Problem: If you use WordPress then surely You faced logging out the problem. When you want to try login into your site, then if you see you can’t log in. Then Surely you feel pretty frustrated.

This Logging out problem is often the result of an issue with the browser cookies, WordPress uses to make sure you’re authorized to access your site backend. Fortunately, means that your problem is very easy to solve.
In this review, I’ll help you to solve all kinds of logging errors on your site.

So let’s go!

Clear Your Browsing Data

You can try the first solution, firstly clear your browser cookies and cache. Your website may be using expired cookies to verify your login credentials

Clear Browser chache

This cookies and cache process can be a bit depending on which web browser are you using. But I’ll demonstrate with chrome browser because it’s the most uses web browser. Firstly click the three-dot menu in the top-right corner to access the browser setting:

You can go to the setting from select More Tools>Clear Browsing Data from the setting menu.

In the new window results, checked two things Cockies and other site data and cached and images and files, and then click on the clear data.
Check your site work or not. If you’re still logged out then go to the next solution.

Clear Your Site Cache

WordPress Logging out

If you’re using a caching plugin to increase your page speed, then you may also need to clear your site’s cache. Go to your caching plugin setting and select the clear cache option.

Now see the results. If you’re still facing this then go to the next option.

Check Your Browser’s Cookie Settings

allows cookies

It’s also possible that your browser doesn’t allow cookies for another WordPress site then this problem happens.
First, go to the privacy and security setting:

Then click the site setting and look for cookies and site data

If this says you blocked under cookies and site data then select all and allows the cookies

Verify that Your WordPress Address and Site Address Match

Wordpress Logging out

Sometimes this problem is happening for false URLs. If your WordPress address and site address don’t match then this problem will happen. For solving this go to the setting option on your WordPress dashboard and go to the general option. Then check your WordPress address and site address URL. Make changes and save this then check the problem.

Troubleshoot for a Plugin Error

If the previous steps don’t work then you can follow this step. Sometimes this problem will happen for some plugins. So firstly deactivated all plugins from the BULK ACTION feature on the plugin screen.

And then deactivate all plugins, after deactivating all plugins then check the problem.

You can deactivate all plugins from your cPanel, For this go to your Cpanel and then go public_html>wo_content>plugins

Change How Long WordPress Should Remember Users

Change How Long WordPress Should Remember Users

Finally, you can the length of time, WordPress should remember the user who checks the Remember Me box on the login.
Lastly, if you fetching this problem then copy the code and paste it on your fucntions.php file:


add_filter( ‘auth_cookie_expiration’, ‘keep_me_logged_in_for_1_year’ );

function keep_me_logged_in_for_1_year( $expirein ) {
return YEAR_IN_SECONDS; // 1 year in seconds

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