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Did Neil Armstrong Apologize to Elon Musk

Neil Armstong is the man who put the first step on the Moon land, and he’s never agreed with Entrepreneur God Elon Musk. Neil Armstrong was the first astronaut who died in 2012 August. Before his death, he had no qualms about voicing about Elon Musk SpaceX’s company which is a private company. His opinion, which words were a blow to the businessman, who is similar to others of his generation, had the first astronauts on a pedestal. “Back To Space” is a Netflix documentary that focuses on the intense space race and who has already stayed there and who has already started to come. 

How can it be otherwise, where Elon and SpaceX are the only one hero of this marathon. The Business space company was the first to step on the accelerator of the private division to conquer space. To be a pioneer in this segment, he just had to face the process of destroying a universe that has been the private preserver of Nasa for decades. Letting a private company in on launches was a complicated decision for the United States 10 years ago that went beyond saving millions of dollars in investment. It was an important matter for every state that should take it very seriously.

Elon Musk Crying Neil Armstrong

It is the point where back from space brings those points Elon never support the one who had been any important of the space race. Most of the Astronaouts, engineers, and politicians expressed their refusal of the greatest idea from a private company in this Space race. “It’s not so easy to agree at the same point” explains General Manager of Nasa and Lori Gerver in back to space. These “Neil Armstrong’s own assessments” that hurt Elon most 10 years ago. “There will be problems and Necessary requirements will be overlooked”, said lots of astronauts. It’s a very bad idea which is said by lots of startups and small space companies. 

It was a hard blow For Elon, That’s collected from the Netflix documentary Back to space. Elon said, “They’re my hero But they hurt me lots”. It’s hard to hear what they say, “But I wish they come again and see that what we can do change their mind”, explained Elon Musk almost on the verge of tears.

Armstrong Was Never Supporter Elon Musk

And it is that the position of Armstrong and her colleagues regarding the activity of Musk was reiterated several times. Since in 2010, President Barack Obama announced the entrance of private companies into the manned flight, and the first astronauts who stepped on the moon put the call in the sky. This became known to NBC through an e-mail. They urged Obama to restart the Constellation program to spend almost six thousand million euros on what they termed “commercial taxi services for space travelers.”

Calling into question the leadership of the United States government in the space race, a group of scientists argued that “the ability to provide a commercial transport in orbit is uncertain, but it is likely that it will take much longer and be much more expensive than we expect”. In addition, the group stated that without the skills and experience that actual spacecraft operations provided, the U.S. was likely to descend into mediocrity.

Elon Musk Neil Armstrong

However, after these statements, the group explained that although they didn’t agree with how new companies were allowed to enter the space industry, they supported the initiative of entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk and urged them to continue working towards their goals. That was exactly what Elon Musk ended up achieving, who in response to their opinions of Armstrong reassured them that he would continue trying to achieve his goal of getting to space.

 Finally, Neil Armstrong died in August 2012, long before SpaceX launched its first successful rocket and crewed flight to the International Space Station. That there was talk about space tourism or movies on board the ISS -perhaps Armstrong would have something to say in this regard-. The vertical landing of rocket ships on maritime platforms in order saves the manufacturing cost of each launch. The first rockets and first crewed launch of SpaceX ship, the CrewDragon, on its mission to get to the ISS. Also long before being a company, along with others within its group, to once more take crewed flights to the moon -the one that Armstrong stepped on in 1969- and before setting himself the target – somewhat ambitious- of taking humans to Mars by the end of the decade. Related Article: (GameStop starts To Sell An NFT Of A 9/11 Photograph)

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