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10 Tittle Tag Tweaks That’ll Boost Your SEO Traffic

There are small tweaks for your websites and increase your SEO traffic? Well, there are small tweaks that you can make that have a big impact. Hey everyone I’m Efty and today I’m going to break down 10 title tag tweaks that’ll boost your SEO traffic. Title labels are one of those easily overlooked details that truly add up and I’m demonstrating how to change them to get the most measure of traffic. There was this British cycling coach named Dave Brailsford. When people wanted to win tournaments like the tour de France, he wouldn’t just tell him to pedal faster eat more food, train harder, because everyone really does that. He believed it’s the little things that give you the edge over your competition.

For example, if your seat’s more comfortable you’re going to pedal much longer. If you have a good night’s sleep the day before the tour de France you’re going to do much better than if you had a bad sleep. So he looks at things like your mattress, your shoes, how comfortable they are. At your pillow, all these little things add up. And the same goes with your SEO. Now I’m going to break down why title tags are super important. Then I’m going to show you 10 tweaks that you can make with your title tag to really boost your SEO traffic.

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1. The first title change that you can make is to start making your title tags questions. Questions tend to get a 14.1 higher click-through rate. For example, what is SEO traffic? The question mark that’s an example of a question mark that is a title.

2. Then you can also get an 8.6 higher click-through rate for titles that are roughly 15 to 40 characters in length. Now I wouldn’t recommend doing 15-word title tags. Because that’s not enough room to put in keywords. But you can do 30 40 characters. Once you start going 50 60 characters we actually see less click-through rate even though you can put in more keywords.

3. We also see a 45 increase in click-through rate when the exact query is in the URL. So if your URL is and the keyword that I’m googling is WordPress vs blogger and the word WordPress vs blogger is in my URL. You’re going to be more likely to get clicks.

4. Power words increase the click-through rate by 13.9 percent. Power words are effortless, simple, gorgeous anything that just describes what you’re trying to get across. And the more powerful words that use or adjectives, the better off you’re going to be.

5. You also can see a 17.3 percent higher click-through rate for titles that contained emotions versus ones that did not contain emotions. So the more emotions that you can convey the better off you’re going to do.

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6. Here’s one of my favorite ones a 5.8 higher ctr, if you haven’t met a description. This is one of my favorite ones because it’s super simple. A lot of people don’t add meta descriptions to their page. Believe it or not, I know that sounds crazy but it’s true. So adding a meta description means that google is going to pull what you give them versus them just pulling random words from your page and making a meta description for you.

7. And titles with years tend to generate a 4.9 percent higher click-through rate. For example, if I have an article that is how to start a blog. If I put how to start a blog in 2025, you know assuming the year is 2025, then it can generate more clicks versus if the year’s not there. Because it tells people hey this is more relevant, It is more up-to-date.

8. An evoking curiosity can increase your click-through rate by roughly 5.9%. For example the seven benefits of green tea, number six will shock you. I know it’s a little bit long but that gives you a good idea of evoking curiosity.

9. Titles that resemble education have 10.4 percent more clicks. For example, how to ride a bike. Although that’s probably not that educational or like how to rank number one on google, how to install a toilet. Those are all examples of educational informational articles.

10. And my last tip for you is to look at the people who are running ads and look at their copy. Because those people have to optimize for quality score. Google wants them to have high clicks because google makes money on a cost per click. So if their titles suck they don’t get tons of clicks which doesn’t make google as much money. So learn from them because that ad copy can help you generate better titles.

And once you make these changes you have to give it roughly 30 days before you really start seeing results. So you have to be patient. Now if you have any questions on modifying your title text you can get more clicks, just leave a comment below and I’ll answer and help you out.

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