The Top 5 Best Music Platforms for Music Lovers

Everyone likes to listen to music. I think there’re no people on the planet earth, who don’t love music. So this high demand thousand number of music listening company launch all over the world. All best music platforms has their uniqueness. One is for the best quality and another one is best for the budget. So today’s content we’ll discuss the top 5 best platforms to listen to music. Without wasting your valuable time, let’s jump into the topic’s best 5 platforms to listen to music. Hope music lovers gonna be helpful by this connection.


Music is one of the best to way get back your working energy. It helps their listener to remove all the Distress and drowsiness. On the world, you’ll find thousand number of music-listening platforms. In this topic, we’ll discuss the best 5 music listening platforms, which are available on the planet earth. And we’ll also discuss the best platform pros and cons. Before going to our top 5 list, here’s a quick overview of our top 5 pick music listening platforms:

  1. Spotify
  2. Apple Music
  3. Amazon Music
  4. SoundCloud
  5. Tidal

1. Spotify

Spotify Best Music Platforms

Spotify is the best music platform all over the world. It has crossed almost a billion monthly sessions in the last month. And it has more than 70M+ active music, songs, podcasts,s, and live music. This million of active songs, audio, and podcast make Spotify the world’s best music platform. I think no one can bite Spotify within 10 years. Here are the pros and cons of Spotify.


  1. It has a large music list, which you can’t find in the other place. 
  2. You can personalize the playlist, to which you want to listen. Easy to say that you can customize your favorite music list.
  3. Spotify comes with social features, so you can follow your friend or other someone which you like.
  4. Spotify also offers a podcast, so you can create your podcast for your audience, also you can listen to other people’s podcasts. Read: [Top 5 Best Website To Find Hosting Coupon Code]


  1. Limited in the free version, so you can listen to thousand number of music as a free user.
  2. The free version of Spotify is full of ads. So you need to purchase the premium plan if you want to remove the annoying ads.
  3. And the other cause, Spotify isn’t available for all countries on the earth. So you need to Spotify as another countryman.

2. Apple Music

Apple Music Best Music Platforms

Apple Music is a great competitor of Spotify. Apple Music also crosses 70M+ active music, songs, podcasts, and live audio. If you’re an apple big fan, then I suggest you use Apple Music.


  1. One of the best reasons for Apple Music’s popularity is its large number of songs, audio, and podcast gallery.  
  2. If you use other apple products like Ipad, Mac, and iMac then you can easily be intrigued by the other platform. 
  3. Apple Music offers a live radio station, which will help you listen to all live music from all over the world. Read: [Top 6 Google AdSense Alternatives for Monetizing Your Website]


  1. The main cons of Apple Music are its country limitation, You can sign up on Apple Music as another country member if your country doesn’t support Apple Music. 
  2. Apple Music is a subscription-based company, So you must be required to subscribe to their plan to use their platform.
  3. Another downside of Apple Music is its Social integration option. For this reason, the Spotify goes one level forward from Apple Music.

3. Amazon Music

Amazon Music

Another great music platform on this planet is Amazon Music. They also come with a large number of audio, music, podcast, and live audio. Here’s the overview of Amazon Music:


  1. It has a large number of music galleries that you like the most, you can enroll in all the music, song, and podcast section.
  2. One of the best reasons for Amazon Music’s popularity is its low-cost monthly and yearly plans. You can subscribe to their plan for less than $9/m.
  3. If you’ve has Alexa then its a great opportunity for you, Amazon Music allows Alexa to integrate with him Because all the products of Amazon Music


  1. Amazon Music’s main downside is its availability, It’s not available for all countries. So you need to go with an available country to use Amazon Music.
  2. Another downside is its low social integration, You can integrate Amazon Music with all the available social products.
  3. Another main downside is its subscription required, You must need to subscribe their plan to use Amazon Music.

4. SoundCloud

Sound Cloud

SoundCloud is another great way to listen to any kind of music. And their platform is full of millions of active music. They also allow a user to upload their own video on this platform


  1. SoundCloud offers its users to enjoy a different variety of music on their platform. 
  2. They offer a user to upload their own music on this platform. So, you’ll find to get a different variety of music on this platform. 
  3. SoundCloud comes with lots of social Integration, so you can integrate with you lots of social media and much more. Get: Best AI Writer Website For Free


  1. SoundCloud main downside is the quality of content. Most of the time they show you user-generated content, So all the time you can’t listen to the high-quality of content on their platform. 
  2. Another downside of the platform of their platform is the availability, SoundCloud isn’t available for all countries. 

5. Tidalfy


Tidal is the best music listening platform, which promised to provide you with the best and high-quality music all over the world. They never ensure the quality of their system products.


  1. The tidal best side is the content quality. They always ensure that their users always get the best quality products. 
  2. They always provide you the exclusive content for you and give a little people of you. 
  3. Their other best side is their uniqueness, You can find any similarity with the other platform.


  1. The main downside of Tidal is its high cost. Someone said that “Good Products With Good Prices”
  2. Another con is their availability, Tidal is also not available for all countries.
  3. Less social integration from the Spotify platform.


That is all for the top 5 best Music platforms. Hope you guys will like those all 5 Best music platforms. 

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