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Best Free Theme For WordPress In 2021-Which Theme?

What’s up party people? My name is Eftekharul Islam and today in this content I’ll be doing a review on what I think is the best free WordPress theme going into 2021. I think this will be like the last WordPress theme you will ever need for WordPress. Because this theme offers features and options that I have never seen any other WordPress theme offer. So let’s talk about it meet blocksy. Blocksy first came out in 2019 and I was actually recommended to use this theme. And try it but it was marketed back then as just a standard Gutenberg WordPress theme. So I thought you know what I’m not interested in Gutenberg I don’t want to use it.

However, it works for all page builders and they just released the pro version, and the features that I’ve seen this theme offer is simply incredible. So in this content, I’ll be going over some of the key features that I thought were just incredible. And just showing you a lot of the features there’s also a little bit of drama with this WordPress theme. Because there are some accusations that another popular WordPress theme copied this theme and released it and I will talk more about that at the end. But first, let’s talk about the basic options about this theme and what I think just makes it look remarkable.

General Option

So let me go through some of these options and show you what I liked about this WordPress theme and the reasons why you might want to switch to blocksy. First, let’s change this to dark mode. Now the header options with blocksy are incredible in fact you can even have a mega menu and you can build it with the elements or page builder and place it within the menu. Now for the general options, they’re pretty standard so for example you can change the layout here of the website. So you’ll have full flexibility of the style of the website if you want it bigger or smaller.

You can have the container with you know smaller or bigger and that’s pretty standard for a lot of other WordPress themes. Now one cool feature is the scroll to the top so you can enable the scroll to the top. And the thing is with blocksy is that you can customize everything about everything. For example, we have the scroll to top button you can have it square or circle so on the bottom right we have the icon and you can change the icon size you can change if you want it the bottom offset or the side offsets. So again the blocksy theme is pretty creative they really did cover every aspect for a lot of customization for people who want to just you know make your site really customizable.

Header Builder

So let’s talk about other options that I think are really really cool like the header builder. This header builder is extremely dynamic. You can customize your main menu you can customize your transparent menu you can also customize the sticky menu and you can also customize them on each specific page. So you can have a different transparent menu on every single page. So for every single row, you can customize it.

For example the top row we can go ahead and design this. This says background of how this says default state transparent state and a sticky state. Now also with blocksy, you can add a top-order a bottom border you can also add a drop shadow to each specific menu for each specific device. So there are really no limitations on customization with this WordPress theme it’s really incredible. You can have a fully customizable header for each specific page also for every state it’s in. You can design it for the transparent states, the sticky state, and also the main states which is like the main menu.


Now also with blocksy when you are editing your specific pages you have your page structure right here on the right side. So we have the inherit from customizer which basically we told it to be full with. So we can have that or we can have a specific page structure for every specific page. We have the narrow width the normal width the left sidebar and the right sidebar. Now also for the design, you can have different design features for every specific page so we can change the backgrounds. Now this right here is just saying it’s inheriting from the theme customizer.

We have a default standard for the entire website but for those of you who want a specific style for each specific page you can do that with blocksy. For the page elements, we can you know disable the featured image disable the header, and also disable the footer. And then we also have the custom code snippets. For the title page, we can even have a custom title page. If this is a specific post then you can have a specific design and style for this page title. Just to keep that in mind that every page is fully customizable with the blocksy theme.


Next, we have colors and with colors, you can pretty much change the entire style and structure of your website with the color section. Now in all the WordPress themes I never touch the color palettes. Because they don’t make any sense but with blocksy they really do. For example, we have different color palettes so we have this teal color palette or we can change it to this blue color palette. And it’ll go ahead and change it on a lot of the parts of your website to kind of give it a different look and a different feel.

We also have color palette three and you can make as many color palettes as you want. You can have a default color palette for all of your websites or however you want to make that work. But just to note that you have different color palettes and you can design this any which way you want.


We have the post types and again this is great for blogging. So if you are blogging again just beside the sidebar you have different blogging structures. There’s a lot of customization that you can have on your blog. So first off I want to get rid of the sidebar for our you know for our blog page. Because it just doesn’t really fit too well you know. Now we can also have different blog structures so they have a classic, they have simple. Which I like simple I think simple is probably one of the cleanest and the nicest.

And then also we have an enhanced grid so it’s kind of like a masonry style with just a regular style so it’s just kind of like you know it kind of just adds a different you know to feel to it. We also have Gutenberg um if you want to have Gutenberg you know on your in post. I don’t like that one I think this one the simple one is the best. And you got a sticky sidebar option, actually, it’s the best feature which I like most. Because you can show sticky ads for your visitors.


Now let’s talk about the footer. So with the footer, you have three rows right. We have the top row we have the middle row and we also have the bottom row. Now again remember this is a theme builder so you can have a different footer for every specific page if you want to go that route. Personally, that is a hell of a lot of work and I probably wouldn’t do that because I’m lazy. But if you want to have different footers you can create a new footer and you can do the same thing as your header. You can even inherit the styles and you can apply different footers for different pages. But you get the point I’m not going to go there that’s a lot of work. But again you can design this with the top row.

What’s really cool also about blocksy is that for every specific column per row you can have a specific design.

I do think this theme deserves a lot more recognition. And I think the problem was with this theme is that they just didn’t spend a dollar for marketing which is very common. With a lot of WordPress developers, they don’t like to spend any money on marketing. But I do think it’s a promising free WordPress theme I think would be great on your WordPress website.

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