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Top 6 Best File Upload Plugin for WordPress

Do you want to allow your visitors, anyone can upload any kind of file on your WordPress website?

A WordPress file uploader plugin gives the opportunity to upload any kinds of documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and other files without login into your WordPress website.

In this article, I’ll share with you the best WordPress file upload plugin. IN this list there’re free and paid plugins. I hope you guys enjoy this list.

Why You Need A Plugin For WordPress File Upload?

By default, only WordPress users can upload a file by logging in WordPress dashboard. That’s means If you need to upload the file on WordPress then you needed to log in WordPress dashboard.

But this process will be time-consuming and potential also a security risk.

With helping of a plugin you can easily accept any file upload by a user on your WordPress website from the front-end.

These all plugins help users, by easily uploading any kind of file, image, or any kind of documents.

Let’s go to the top 6 best file upload plugin section:

1. WPForms

WpForms File Upload Plugin

Winforms is the best contact form plugin in WordPress Industry, As a beginner, you can easily this plugin. This plugin has a drop and drops feature that easily helps you to upload a file to your WP site.

WPform is full with a lot number of premade templates, so any user can get started with WPform. Each template is easily customizable and fully responsive.

There’re two different ways for uploading a file on your site: one is classic file upload for just one file and the second one is the drag and drop file upload option.

With the help of WPform, you can accept videos, images, documents, Presentations, PDF, and much more. You can choose whether or not, you like to upload the file upload in your WP media library.

You can find a different option for file upload on your site to keep your website safe, and you can also increase and decrease the maximum file upload size on your dashboard.

Besides file upload, WPforms offer spam protection, conditional logic, page forms to their user.

2. File Upload Types by WPForms

2. File Upload Types by WPForms

“File Upload Types By WPform”, is a free file upload for WordPress. This plugin accepts all kinds of additional files that you needed for your website.

WordPress allows some specific extensions that your user can upload. If someone tries to upload an unpermitted file then this plugin show error. And it says that “Sorry”, this type of file upload can’t possible for security reasons.

If you wanna fix this error, Then you can use the WPform plugin.

This plugin is user-friendly for a beginner. This plugin allows you to manage which extensions do you wanna use on your dashboard. Simply you can enable and disable the extension from your dashboard.

This plugin allow use to use this kinds of file extension such as .zip, .XML, .ai, .csv, .svg and more.

This file upload plugin is totally a free plugin that allows you to allow many files to be uploaded on your site.

3. Formidable Forms

formidable file upload plugin

Formidable Form is the most popular file upload plugin in this industry. This plugin also supports the drag and drop builder, You can also create a file upload option with the help of Formidable Form.

Users can add many kinds of files like the drag and drop option. When someone adds a file, then the file will be saved on the media library. So you can easily access them when you want.

This plugin also accepts multiple files from your visitors in the same form instead of requiring people to fill out numerous forms. And you can select the maximum image upload size.

Aside from creating a file upload, This Formidable Forms also helps to build a form like a mortgage calculator and payment option. And lastly, this plugin also comes with lots of premade templates which is easily customizable. 

4. WordPress File Upload

wordpress file upload lugin

“WordPress File Upload” is the most usable WordPress free plugin in this industry. This plugin accepts all kinds of file uploads from a blog post, landing pages, landing pages, or sidebar widget by using shortcode.

Once a user uploads a file on your website, then you can view the file on the media library of your wordpress dashboard. This makes you easy to organize and manage your content by all user.

But this plugin is a bit complex for a newbie. You can also create many different roles in WordPress, and also select the maximum file upload size.

5. MemberPress


MemberPress is one of the most usable WordPress themes in this industry. It allows you to upload any kind of file with the help of MemberPress.

For example, firstly you need to login into WordPress with paid subscriptions to access the file. This is a great plugin for selling any kind of eBooks, Courses, or any kind of file.

You can also limit user permission, then some selected users can upload any kind of file or media. If you Buy the paid membership then you can access all the paid campaigns and all users can submit all kinds of files and media on your site from your site front-end.

If you wanna go with the MemberPress then some technical subject you need to know for access all the functions.

6. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads file upload plugin

“Easy Digital Downloads” is one of the best WordPress file upload files in this category. This plugin allows you to upload any kind of eBooks, PDF file, Music, Software, and more.

Also, this plugin performs like AWS, Dropbox, And others. You can also set a password for when someone uploads any kind of file or media, then those users need to activate the license.

“Easy Digital Download” comes with multi-vendor marketplace functionality. So your user can sell any product on your website. Basically, this website makes your website a marketplace like Envato or CreativeMarket.

Be Greatful For Wpbeginner. 

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