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5 Best WordPress Themes for Makeup Artist 2022

Are You looking for the best makeup artist WordPress themes to create a stylish online presence to showcase your skills and promote your services online or globally? this collection will provide you top 6 best makeup artist themes.

You’ll be able to launch a stylish and effective makeup artist website in no time at all. With many homepages, service pages, portfolios, plus plenty of other layouts to choose from, it won’t take you long to add all the necessary content to your website.

As these top 6 themes are highly flexible and can all be easily customized and also user-friendly, you won’t find it difficult to add your own branding to your site. Changing other aspects, such as the colors, fonts, and other settings isn’t a problem either.

With so many attractive demos to browse, you’re sure to find the best makeup artist WordPress theme for your website here.

1. Ekko

Ekko is a multipurpose WordPress theme. This theme comes with a stylish makeup artist demo that you can use for your makeup artist website.

Actually, Ekko is used to create almost any type of website with WordPress, but it also comes with some ready-made makeup artist demo ensures that this theme is a great choice for anyone reading this guide. It helps you to promote your website effectively and find new clients via your website. the Ekko makeup artist demo has a homepage template and it’s full of useful features.

If you miss the makeup artist demo that comes with the Ekko theme, then you’ll see that you can use the header slider to showcase some photos of your best work. You can also use the services and rates section to highlight the main options available to your clients as well as how much they cost. Other areas of homepage layout include a section for displaying photos that demonstrate what you can do for your clients. The Ekko makeup artist demo also has lots of other uses including multiple about, contact, templates, and services page templates for you to choose from. The Ekko theme comes with a full set of portfolio templates, covering a range of different styles and layout options. Thanks to this, if you want to upload photos to promote your services, this theme is ready to help you do so.

If you visit the Ekko templates, you should find that this theme has everything that you need for your new makeup artist site.

2. Parris

Parris is a beauty- and makeup-focused WordPress theme with five+ original website demos.

Actually, the demos of Parris have been designed for creating websites in the beauty and makeup categories. You’ll get four genuine options for your project when choosing this theme. Each of the four demos is a complete website, containing all of the templates you’re likely to need for a makeup artist website. All demos of this theme should be suitable for a makeup artist website, the main demo is probably the best all-around option for this category.

Parris has lots of templates for publishing makeup tutorials. If you want to showcase your skills and help others at the same time then it will be the best choice for you, publishing tutorials on your website is a great way to do so. As these templates support both written and video tutorials, you can use your preferred method of publishing to create this content. Parris also has full eCommerce support. You can list products for sale on your makeup artist website.

Parris is an attractive, retina-ready, and versatile theme for creating a makeup artist website with WordPress.

3. Divi

Divi is the flagship WordPress theme it comes from Elegantthemes and Divi Full with lots of premade templates that’s you definitely like.

Among Divi’s many website kits, some of them were built especially for makeup artists. The makeup artist demo comprises eight individual templates, including the landing page, homepage, and services templates. Divi Theme also comes with ready-made about, contact, and pricing pages which help you to create the best makeup artist site.

If you visit Divi makeup artist templates, then you’ll see that you can choose from the traditional homepage layout and the sales-focused landing page template for the front page of your site. Both options make it easy to introduce yourself to prospective clients, display your packages, and outline some of your key services. If your visitors want to know more, they can click through to the individual pages to view your full portfolio, price list, and service details. When they’re ready to get in touch, they can either use the contact details you’ve published on your site or send a message via the ready-made online form.

Divi is the most popular WordPress theme and gets a better experience with every new update.


4. Cosmetista

Cosmetista is a WordPress theme for a makeup artist and a beauty blogger.

If you want to publish lots of beauty and makeup-related content on your website, then this could be the theme for you. You can publish your content in a range of different ways, whether you can also add blog posts or tutorials to your website. As the Cosmetista templates support images, text, and video content, you can publish your articles and tutorials in almost any format that you like. Another type of template that you might be interested in for your site, is the review template. If you want to publish your thoughts on specific products or brands, then this ready-made layout is sure to come in handy.

If you want to make a makeup artist website or a beauty blog then you should definitely check this theme for your site.


5. Dalia

Dalia is a wellness and cosmetics theme with lots of makeup website demo that are ideal for artists and bloggers for their website.

If you want to share your makeup artistry with the world or promote your services to your local area, then the Dalia theme has an attractive makeup demo that you should definitely check out. There are other related demos in the Dalia package, but for most makeup artists, the purpose-built makeup demo should be the obvious choice. However, that’s not to say that the other demos can’t be easily adjusted. So if you see a demo that has a design that’s a better match for your project, it won’t take much effort to use it for your makeup artist website.

Dalia has lots of templates for makeup artists that cover a wide range of content types, giving you many options for your makeup website.

6. Sana

Sana is an SEO-friendly WordPress theme for a fashion designer, makeup artist, or beauty blogger also.

Sana easily earns a place in this collection of themes for their lots of demo and premade designs. Sana theme demos are aimed at makeup artists, one is more portfolio-focused while the other is better suited to those who want to promote their services online or in their local area. However, that’s not to say that these demos or any of the other six plus demos that come with Sana can’t be reconfigured and adjusted to match your specific requirements.

One thing all of the Sana demos do have similar is that they have creative layouts that give you lots of space to display images and videos. If you have lots of photos of your makeup work or have access to some high-quality stock photos then you can easily add them to your makeup artist website. This applies to the homepage layout and the templates for the internal pages of your website. As Sana has many different portfolio templates for a makeup artist, you can use your website to showcase your skills in a range of formats.

WordPress’s most popular theme Sana has some very well-designed demos that will help you kick-start your makeup artist website.


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